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Rings Designs For Emerald Cut

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Diamonds are forever. Nobody can say that this statement is inexplicit. In this article I would like to put some light towards a specific diamond cut ‘Emerald Cut’. Step Cut type of the emerald cut stones turns out to be to be like steps engraved into the jewel. Particularly, emerald cutting was rectangular in shape with little cropped corners. At first, this cut was build up for emeralds, however, its refined appearance speedily led to be popular for diamond choice of cuts as well. Longer lines of rectangular shapes gave it overall fire compared to a popular round shape. But flashes of colors in emerald cut of engagement rings were more well-known as it reflects on sleek stones.

Emerald cut diamonds have an elongated shape, they are usually harmonizing by an accent stones, more often than not narrowed baguettes along with added emerald cuts. The emerald solitaires could be outstanding, but only for women who have slender and long fingers which can serve up to lengthen the stones further. Women who have short and fat fingers may emerge not in proportion with the emerald rectangular stones.

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